What is it Contentic?

Contentic used to be a blog run by Aude. Now it’s going through a transformation. Welcome to its new opening!

Contentic is to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for those who deal with communication and who create content not just for fun, but to increase revenues.

We want to provide articles and video materials that teach you how to do good  content marketing for all your target groups: customers, business partners and employees.

At Contentic we are going to create content, keeping in mind employees of large organizations, who must follow business and communication strategies, but also thinking about the owners of smaller companies, for whom thinking with content is fundamental to doing business.

Authors at Contentic are Aude and Nextim employees and contributing experts in the field.

Our goal is to provide you with content in a way which enables you to choose the topics that interest you, so you can read only about them.

In addition to customized main site and the visible content, we will also customize our newsletter, which you can receive once a month.

Sign up if you’d like to get the latest content marketing news, information about cases that have worked, and whatever good things we’ve managed to do. If we ever disappoint you and you’ll find our content boring, you can always unsubscribe.