2 conclusions for internal communication for 2021

Surprise: in 2020 employees were far more engaged than in the previous year. Not bad for the time when the pandemic broke out, isn’t […]

Maciej Przybylski

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Culture Book – Two Visions

This kind of publication engages employees, helps to organize company matters and can be a good onboarding tool. There are companies, however, for which […]

Maciej Przybylski

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Outmaneuvered… into analytics

What aches internal communication? Judging by some analyses, the said disease is “analyticosis”: a kind of internal imperative to focus on data analysis.

Maciej Przybylski

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Well-informed are happier

How employees feel largely depends on the quality of communication within the company. This is the conclusion of the latest study carried in the […]

Anna Zaleska

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10 breakthrough technologies according to a visionary

Can Artificial Intelligence be biased? How close are we to creating a mind reading machine? Are artificial embryos too much interference in the life […]

Anna Zaleska

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7 most interesting sector conferences in fall 2019

Do you know how to combine pleasure with… pleasure? We do – travel and expand your knowledge! That’s why we encourage you to visit […]

Marta Tomasiuk

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E-mail communication – A relic or the power of marketing?

In the race for winning new customers via more and more innovative channels, you may get lost on the way towards the only effective […]

Anna Zacharuk

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What can we learn from China?

The pace of Chinese transformation is stunning. China is becoming an empire again – technologically and economically it soon may be the world’s leading […]

Urszula Radzińska

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Submerging Without Drowning: The Potential of VR

VR could be a success, but it needs a convincing concept; storytelling content and coherence with other marketing materials – such is the conclusion […]

Anna Jakubik

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New Year, new challenges

The beginning of the year is when we often make resolutions and set goals for ourselves. We asked experts on marketing and communication about […]

Paulina Grzęda

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