Planning – Is it worth a while?

Another beginning of the year and there you go with your resolutions (which time in a row?): I’ll start running. I’ll tidy up the […]

Marta Tomasiuk

★ 6 minutes czytania

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

The mobile era and users generating much more traffic via smartphones than computers and laptops, have made it necessary […]

Anna Zacharuk

★ 4 minutes czytania

Google like Tolstoy

It’s people that count – this slogan gets repeated by many companies, but few of them manage to implement this attitude in real life. […]

Magdalena Kozińska

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Internal newsletter – how to get employees interested?

Employees who are readers of your company’s newsletter should be treated like… your customer. After all, we want them to get interested in the […]

Marta Tomasiuk

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The Blurred Stork

A photo which seems to be of good quality does not necessarily have to be such, even if it looks great on your monitor. […]

Marta Tomasiuk

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When do we get the magazine?

We’re closing the work on the current issue of a magazine, the customer eventually says “Yes,” which means the magazine is accepted for print […]

Marta Tomasiuk

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A few words from graphic designer to Dear Customers…

…or how to navigate a minefield without losing your life and win the prize of good artwork

Grafik z wieloletnim doświadczeniem

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Smartphone photography in practice

In our article “Is It Worth Taking Pictures With Smartphone?” we wondered if photos taken with a smartphone can be used in publications. This […]

Krzysztof Rajczyk

★ 3 minutes czytania

Content marketing and B2B purchases

The rule of thumb for content marketing is: Create content which responds to the needs of your readers. Wanna know what those needs are? […]

Maciej Chojnowski

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From words to deeds, the basics of employer branding

You would like to check the reliability of your company’s communication, but you don’t know where to start? Check out employer branding. It is […]

Maciej Chojnowski

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