Biopolis – playful developmental talks

Are you a coach looking for new ways of talking within your organization? Have you heard about Biopolis and how does it release energy in players? 

Urszula Radzińska

Urszula Radzińska

Journalist and musicologist who decided to dedicate herself to looking for harmony in corporate communication. Head of leading Polish content marketing agency Aude, CEO of Content Marketing Polska Association, author of interviews with experts “Your First Customer”.

★ 1 minute czytania

What Monika Sońta found amazing about the game – find out here.

How is Biopolis different from other games – listen to its creator Moises Martinez Berrio.

Moises Martinez Berrio knows how to improve company’s working using board games’ systems.

On December 7 and 8 Warsaw will hold a certified training run by Biopolis creator. Watch a webinar video:

If you want to invest in yourself and take this certification – buy a ticket.

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