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E-mail communication – A relic or the power of marketing?

In the race for winning new customers via more and more innovative channels, you may get lost on the way towards the only effective method. It’s easy to get trapped by trends and technical novelties; give in to the illusion that e-mailing is passe, and doesn’t fit modern marketing campaigns. Well, doesn’t it?

Anna Zacharuk

Anna Zacharuk

A stoic who keeps her calm even in most stressful situations. Starts off the day at work sour-faced… drinking water with juice from one whole lemon. Then she's all sugar and spice – layouts, articles, posters, campaigns, even invoices! All full of nostalgy and poetry, because she's a real expert on rhyming, puns, ditties and songs.

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Studies carried out by Emma – powerful digital marketing platform, which helps create diversified e-mail campaigns –  show that the e-mail not only continues to be effective and is liked by customers, but also has very good prognosis for the future.

Numbers don’t lie

Some people understand poetry, others find images more appealing, and yet others need marketing fireworks. But everyone will understand numbers. Various studies have shown how vivid the e-mail in marketing is today and will continue to be. In 2017 the number of e-mails sent and received was 269 billion. By 2021 it is estimated that number will grow to 320 billion.

A study on a group of 200 marketing experts revealed that:

  • 12%of marketers believe they always meet customers’ needs, which means as many as 88% are constantly trying to catch up with their customers.
  • 64%of marketers believe they don’t have enough time and enough personnel to provide marketing at a level they would find satisfactory.
  • 43% of marketers believe that the e-mail generates higher return on investment than any other digital channel.
  • 58%of marketers plan to increase expenses on e-mail marketing in the nearest future.
  • 106%increase was recorded in the B2C e-mail channel in two years (2015-2017) according to Salesforce fourth annual report on marketing.

Studies conducted among consumers further confirm the power of e-mail:

  • 43%of consumers are interested in a weekly contact with companies.
  • 63%of consumers think positively about brands which give them valuable, interesting and customized content.
  • 75%of consumers are more willing to make a purchase if the seller recognizes them and recommends products on the basis of their previous purchase decisions.

Exciting and friendly

The numbers above clearly indicate that e-mail marketing has been doing better than ever. It is true the e-mail as such has not changed for years, that it still contains body text and images, and whether it’s successful strongly depends on the subscribers. For those reasons, it tends to be treated as a relic, a dead channel, or a barely attractive form of communication – especially by those marketers, who are craving funky, innovative and technologically advanced solutions. But everyone who wants to be successful should realize that as a marketing tactic, e-mail is still doing pretty well – so well that we might suggest it is a digital must of every marketer. It should be seen as an exciting tool that works, allowing you to experiment, to learn and expand your list of subscribers every day.
Naturally, it is best to combine it with new great channels popping up on the market, which are worth exploring. But in this world rushing all the time for something new, we shouldn’t switch to autopilot mode too easily and keep sending the same old content, in the same old form, week after week, while we’re focused on discovering new channels. E-mail cannot become something that we neglect or leave aside altogether, because customers still take it for granted and keep checking their e-mail box.

E-mail – a usual thing

Company, home, school, friends – everything connects to your e-mail. You’re asked for your e-mail address when you order food, book something, shop online, join a social network or a loyalty program, use online banking and in many other usual situations. It allows you to manage your account, to use services, receive confirmations, notifications and information. The fact e-mail is so omnipresent makes it a basic communication tool.

With limited resources and growing consumer demand, it is important to treat as a priority tactics which are effective, easy to track and aligned with all other channels.The fact we need e-mails every day is confirmed by Jay Baer, marketing expert and author contributing to Emma, who says: 

The results of a survey carried out by Emma among marketers are impressive, but I’m not surprised with them. As I was reading the data, wondering about the ongoing epidemic of depressed marketers, I realized that the e-mail is the foundation for all relations with customers. So it is worth thinking about how to notify potential customers about company products or services. You musn’t forget that marketing has to reach through to those people in the first place.

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