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7 most interesting sector conferences in fall 2019

Do you know how to combine pleasure with… pleasure? We do – travel and expand your knowledge! That’s why we encourage you to visit the places where travellers interested in content marketing will find just what they are looking for.

Marta Tomasiuk

Marta Tomasiuk

To put it simply, a ninja. She works fast, precisely and soundlessly – Aude customers appreciate her wonderful skills and great ideas. They also value her composure and balance, especially important in crisis situations. Our ninja always keeps a level head and is always there for our customers.

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This year, we gained a lot of factual content marketing knowledge at the Power of Content Marketing conference held in May, when experts, directors and managers from well known companies were sharing their know-how. But the year isn’t over yet, and there are more inspiring events to come all over the globe. Here is our subjective ☺review of the late summer and fall events. 

The big world of content marketing – Cleveland, Ohio, September 3–6


The Content Marketing Institute founded by Joe Pulizzi is organizing the most important and unique event in the world content marketing. Each year the Content Marketing World allows its participants to learn from the best experts in the subject. During more than 120 sessions and workshops you will be able to gain a great amount of know-how in strategy, storytelling, artificial intelligence, generating demand – and that’s just a drop in the ocean. So, if you get a chance to travel across the ocean – the real one – you simply must go to Cleveland, the city of theaters, museums and… luxury residences.

Read also our reports from CMWorld:

Jubilee content marketing forum – Lublana, September 26


A one day competitor for the conference in Zagreb is the POMP Forum in Lublana. The city which owes its exceptional atmosphere to outstanding architect Jože Plečnikowwill hold the 10th POMP Forum among its many picturesque bridges – one of the largest international conferences on content marketing. Like in the previous years, experts will cover new communication, marketing and PR trends and inspirations. A cherry on top will be a lecture by Joe Pulizzi, the father of content marketing and founder of the Content Marketing Institute. The date is worth remembering – the only time we will be able to see Joe Pulizzin in Europe this fall is in Lublana. Sign up today.

Happiness in strategic communication – Zagreb, September 26–28


The Croatian capital is a busy cultural and political center on the one hand, and blissful cobbled streets of the Old Town on the other hand. In such context the 21st EUPRERA congress shall be held, whose main theme will be the use of strategic communication for improving the quality of life. The organizers are definitely going to bring much joy to the participants – after all, the time has come to ease the era of social pessimism we’re living in with a whiff of optimism, both in public debates and in scientific research. What does it mean? Strategic communication should be used to develop a positive environment, and communication experts should be aware that what counts is not only business participants’ satisfaction, but also their sense of happiness  – whether they are employees, customers or contractors. 
Find out more about the conference on promoting happiness as a means to being successful in business. 

Business trends festival – Warsaw, October 2–3

Business Insider Trends Festival

We want to praise not only foreign staff, but also our own, so we present to you inspirations that you can experience here in Poland. One of the key ones is the Business Insider Trends Festival organized by Business Insider Polska. For two days experts from all over the globe will talk about how the world is going to change in the nearest 2-3 years. This is by definition a great networking event. Visit an exceptional place on the map of Warsaw – inspirational Koneser Center in the Praga district, and join the event

The future starts today – Warsaw, October 7–9


Masters & Robots is the third edition of a meeting whose goal is to study contemporary digital transformation and to support the visionaries who develop new solutions. In the very heart of the Polish capital– Złote Tarasy shopping center – you will be able to meet digital experts and learn how to adjust new concepts to company’s strategy and develop your business. If you also wish to find out more about digital security, sustainable use of technologies, and to get inspired by the vision of the future, think no more.

East coast B2B – Washington, October 16–18


Back to USA for a moment, the venue of B2B Forum coming this October – mine of information for B2B marketers and people who are in any way interested in content marketing. In one location, for three days in a row, you will be able to meet many experienced experts, take part in professional workshops and make new interesting contacts. All this in the unique atmosphere of Maryland, 11 km outside the center of Washington.

New internal communication design – Berlin, October 24–25


This will be the tenth, jubilee Internal Communication Conference. It is simultaneously a great opportunity to celebrate successes and to analyze the challenges ahead, hidden under the much telling phrase: “REDESIGN: new internal communication architecture for the changing world.” For two intense days the participants will be able to meet international expert speakers, take part in workshops and lectures. They will find out how to deal with the challenges posed by the contemporary digital world of internal communication, learn about the corporate culture of the future, and will study the role of employees and leaders in driving and consolidating change. It’s going to be a time full of inspirations and conclusions. Go to Berlin and you won’t feel bored even for a second! 

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