New abnormality – Running business in the world of new technologies

Digital University and Microsoft have got bad news for all the latecomers – the new abnormality is already here. It’s time to come to […]

Katarzyna Kubiak

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Have the courage to be creative and empathetic in business

“Because it enables business to make money” claim Urszula Radzińska and Monika Sońta. We talk with the authors of ”Communication Playbook. Creating Culture Of […]

Katarzyna Kubiak

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2 conclusions for internal communication for 2021

Surprise: in 2020 employees were far more engaged than in the previous year. Not bad for the time when the pandemic broke out, isn’t […]

Maciej Przybylski

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Culture Book – Two Visions

This kind of publication engages employees, helps to organize company matters and can be a good onboarding tool. There are companies, however, for which […]

Maciej Przybylski

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Outmaneuvered… into analytics

What aches internal communication? Judging by some analyses, the said disease is “analyticosis”: a kind of internal imperative to focus on data analysis.

Maciej Przybylski

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Coronavirus is like Jupiter

Pewne tematy są jak ciała niebieskie. Ich grawitacja może być tak silna, że przeorganizowuje cały system komunikacji. Jak nie dać się prawom fizyki – […]

Maciej Przybylski

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New Year’s resolutions of our customers

Partnership-based conversations to help incorporate new ideas in the company, implementing new ways of internal communication or winning employees' hearts with the new business […]

Natalia Kraus

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Passion according to Alior – how to make series about employees

To tell about employees from an unusual, beyond-work perspective and to prove that the team is made of exceptional people – that’s an […]

Krzysztof Rajczyk

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How to convey information to employees – 4 stages of domesticating internal communication

Internal communication team has a very responsible task – to convey information to employees in a way that is easy to understand, and with […]

Marta Tomasiuk

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Unusual Christmas Card

One of our long-term bank customers sends exceptional Christmas “cards” to its employees. These are several-minute long videos, made with panache […]

Marcin Rutkowski

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