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Four Golds, one Silver and two Special Awards have beefed our portfolio up. Effectiveness, pragmatism, perfect understanding of recipients’ needs and keeping the highest standards for years – these are some of the aspects the Power of Content Marketing Awards jurors praised us for.

Magdalena Kozińska

Magdalena Kozińska

A tamer of words, which have only one option under her supervision – to become an exceptional text. She likes it fast, loud and specific. The Manager of Neverending Creativity. With impeccable lightness she shares with us her rippling laughter and juggles with words… not always so impeccable. Her reliability has been well described by one of our customers: “I don’t know what I want, but I’m sure Magda does know it!”

★ 5 minutes czytania

Teamwork, feedback, team spirit, values, agility – all companies face similar challenges. The HR department of ING Bank Śląski, with a little help from us, decided to put its cards on the table – for its employees. It turned out amusing images combined with factual content work perfectly well during workshops and training sessions. The Cards have been used in the company since 2018; they are an indispensable element of all meetings – both managers and employees love to play with them. It’s a well known fact that learning through play is most effective. The Jury awarded the Cards Gold in the category Content Marketing Education. The Cards on the Table educational game was awarded for designing an effective work tool for managers.

Gold for “Culture Book” ING

Culture Book – it is a great tool for building engagement among employees, however, many companies fail to see the reason to invest in making communication with its own employees attractive in its form and content. ING Bank Śląski’s claim is: “It’s people that count” and the bank proves with its publications that the slogan is more than empty words, and there are real actions behind it. For the second time already the bank decided to create its Culture Book together with Aude (view the first Culture Book we prepared for ING Bank Śląski), which is a kind of an album collecting events, projects and people that best represent the bank’s organizational culture. The Culture Book is very popular among the employees – they praise it not only in corporate chats, but also in private social media accounts. It has also impressed the Jury, which awarded it Golden Award in

the category One-time Publication for a comprehensive and employee-focused summary of organizational culture.

Golden magazines “Baśka” and “Biromaniak”

For 25 years “Baśka” magazine have been connecting ING Bank Śląski employees, and for the past eight years AUDE has been responsible for creating it. And for years we have been successful at it – Baśka usually gets to the final of the competition, and also finds its place on the podium regularly. This year we’ve managed to win Gold – awarded by the Jury in the category Employee Magazine Over 1,000 copies, for consequently high level of the publication. What is the greatest asset of the magazine? It provides reliable information about all bank’s fields of operation, makes people feel they are unified around common goals, unwinds their intellectual potential, promotes new ideas, trends and innovative thinking. Last but not least – it shortens the distance. More about the project on:

Golden Award (ex aequo) in the same category (Employee Magazine Over 1,000 copies) went to “Biromaniak” – magazine for Grupa Żywiec employees. Just like in the case of “Baśka” the Jury awarded the magazine for its consequently high level. “Biromaniak” printed magazine reaches all the company’s employees, both in the headquarters in Warsaw and in its five breweries (in Cieszyn, Elbląg, Leżajsk, Warka, Żywiec, Namysłów and Braniewo), which allows to carry out communication goals with success. In addition, it is also published in an electronic form on the company’s intranet. Both the name and the visual layout of the publication reflect the company’s most important value, which is passion for brewing and selling the best beer. The main goals of “Biromaniak” include: providing employees with information about events and changes at the company, educating about the beer market and customers’ needs, integrating employees from various levels of the corporate hierarchy around common goals, encouraging employees to share their ideas for being successful at the company and beyond, as well as building corporate image as a company for whom people and their passion are most important. What does it look like in practice?

Silver for Alior Bank’s campaign

Another project awarded by the Jury was the #Zaangażowani campaign by Aude. Silver in the category Content Marketing for Employees was awarded for taking up the challenge in the right moment. The campaign for Alior Bank was to encourage employees to take part in an engagement assessment. We combined employee engagement with the engagement of fantastic superheroes and an unusual way of providing information to employees – the key data about last year’s assessment results, all the changes at the bank and initiatives taken up by employees have been presented in the form of colorful and dynamic comic book.

At the same time, the campaign used many different channels of reaching through to the audience: newsletter and information on the intranet, posters, stickers, photo stands, exhibition. The climax included a visit of hostesses who came to the bank disguised as superheroes, reminding employees that they can participate in the assessment. The campaign also used elements of gamification to encourage employees to act. Apart from informative and encouraging aspects, the campaign also had an entertaining dimension – many of its elements were putting employees in a good mood. Open the attachment if you’d like to watch the campaign.

Special Awards for “Agrokurier” and “Family&Work” magazines

This year we also managed to win two special awards: in the category Content Marketing Agriculture and Related Issues for the “Agrokurier” magazine, which we prepare for BNP Paribas. This magazine for modern farmers is intended for current and potential customers from the agricultural sector – farmers, farm managers, agricultural producers and food processing entities. The magazine provides information about banking products for the agricultural sector, but also about the agricultural market in Poland and in Europe. The Jury awarded the magazine for precise adjusting of the content to the readers’ needs.

The second special award went to the “Family&Work” magazine created by Aude for Knauf. The Jury awarded the magazine in the category Employee Magazine up to 1,000 copies, for the practical dimension of brand awareness building communication.

Power of Content Marketing awards are a great honor to us, we are so happy that the Jury awarded our work.

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