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Messages sent to users by online marketing channels do not need to be unified and impersonalized. Luckily for marketing experts, some time ago the market was hit by marketing automation systems. They allow to carry out marketing campaigns adjusted to each individual user. How is this possible?
Urszula Radzińska

Urszula Radzińska

Journalist and musicologist who decided to dedicate herself to looking for harmony in corporate communication. Head of leading Polish content marketing agency Aude, CEO of Content Marketing Polska Association, author of interviews with experts “Your First Customer”.

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The marketing automation tool monitors contact behavior on webpage (e.g. online store), followed by automatic segmentation based on principles we have set in advance. Segmentation can be based on the behavior on the webpage, location, transactions made or any parameters we want. We can thus carry out several advertising campaigns simultaneously – adjusting them to the needs and behavior of each potential and current customer individually.

Content marketing in email marketing
The most frequent problem in email marketing is that the message is not adjusted to the needs and interests of the recipient. Sending universal emails addressed to “everyone” usually disqualifies us at the start. Most recipients treat them as SPAM, and our efforts become inefficient.
Marketing automation helps to adjust email content to the needs of our recipient. Marketing automation tools, based on our own criteria, allow to adjust not only the title of the email, but also the entire content and its design. You can create such an email (called dynamic) by yourself, using a simple creator. In the case of online stores the system will automatically choose products to be presented in the email, which are most likely to be interesting to the reader. We get a guarantee that our content and product will draw the reader’s attention, and the person will likely get back to our website. Interestingly, the system can also choose products the customer was going to buy, but for some reason didn’t. In this situation, called “abandoned basket”, we can adjust the setup in such a way that it automatically offers a discount or free shipping when the customer goes back to the store.
According to recent research by Epson Email Institute, the use of dynamic email technology in email marketing increases the chances of opening the message by as much as 70%. Moreover, personalized email with content adjusted to the reader’s needs increases the click-through rate by as much as 152% as compared to traditional emailing. It would be hard to find more motivating proves.

Content marketing on websites
You can also use individually adjusted content on your website. For instance, you can use dynamic banners, which adjust the content of your website, based on the previous monitoring of customer’s behavior and preferences or other principles. You are free to choose your own principles, e.g. previous transactions, the stage in the purchase process the customer is in, or adjusting banners and content to customers in a loyalty program, those who banned their shopping basket or those with expiring subscription.

SMS/VMS Content marketing
Another possibility to adjust your content with the use of marketing automation tools is personalized SMS or voice message. Just like with the previous solutions, it’s enough you set the criteria and then adjust messages to chosen sectors. Surely this type of message will make a stronger impact, and the customer will get the impression the offer was custom made.
Of course, the automation tool itself will not cause our content reach readers more effectively. Nothing can replace a reasonable and well-thought strategy, the same applies to valuable content. By combining those two elements with marketing automation, you increase your chances for success

We can tell you how to use marketing automation possibilities.

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