Google like Tolstoy

It’s people that count – this slogan gets repeated by many companies, but few of them manage to implement this attitude in real life. […]

Magdalena Kozińska

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Internal newsletter – how to get employees interested?

Employees who are readers of your company’s newsletter should be treated like… your customer. After all, we want them to get interested in the […]

Marta Tomasiuk

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How to avoid producing garbage content – advises Shane Snow

Don’t be a dump manager – Shane Snow cautioned at the Warsaw Filmteractive Festival, author of bestseller “Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons […]

Urszula Radzińska

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Stories in business, according to Pixar

Matthew Luhn lives across the ocean, but this year he came to Poland and delivered a closing speech at the Warsaw Filmteractive Festial.

Urszula Radzińska

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E-mail marketing still effective

With constantly improved social media and ever so modern communicators, is there still a place for a communication tool which has been around for […]

Paulina Grzęda

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Plan for a channel

You are probably already using several content delivery channels.

Katarzyna Petruk

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Knauf magazine for employees dropped into our hands – or shall we say: we joined the “Family&Work” family – early […]

Ewelina Jamka

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Mission: Possible

… actually, not just possible but necessary, because having a mission is a necessity more than possibility. It’s like a car: it can be […]

Paulina Grzęda

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Firstly and lastly: Sales

The latest issue of Marketer+ magazine includes an article by our CEO Ula Radzińska, who was […]

Ewelina Jamka

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Role exchange – hard experiment

What is effective internal communication all about? Is it about creating wise strategies and linguistically refined content that you send to your employees in […]

Ewelina Jamka

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