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Simply ING – a tale about people, company, values. Photos, memories, values, emotions – all this closed on the pages of a culture book. 

Magdalena Kozińska

Magdalena Kozińska

A tamer of words, which have only one option under her supervision – to become an exceptional text. She likes it fast, loud and specific. The Manager of Neverending Creativity. With impeccable lightness she shares with us her rippling laughter and juggles with words… not always so impeccable. Her reliability has been well described by one of our customers: “I don’t know what I want, but I’m sure Magda does know it!”

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Culture book – a great tool for building engagement among employees, however, many companies fail to see the reason to invest in making communication with its own employees attractive in its form and content. ING Bank Śląski’s claim is: “It’s people that count” and the bank proves with its publications that the slogan is more than empty words, and there are real actions behind it.

The CEO is torn

Back in 2018 the bank decided to create its culture book together with Aude, which is a kind of an album collecting events, projects and people that best represent the bank’s organizational culture. It all started with typical brainstorming, but ended in a very unusual, hand-sewn publication (the pages were bound up with orange thread).

The bank decided to use the bold version of events summary, developed by our agency. In the first culture book – the CEO is torn… literally, because the pages include quotes from the blog run by Brunon Bartkiewicz that you can tear out (it’s worth mentioning that he writes the blog and regularly communicates with employees via company’s intranet).

The bank’s employees are also speeding the pace… on their bikes, because ecology is an important topic for the bank. The publication is characterized by the ease with which the bank tells about extremely important matters. In ING culture book you will find not only corporate values, but also descriptions of key management and idea generating processes – which are quite extraordinary and befit this innovative organization.

Publication that fits the agile philosophy

The culture book was very popular among employees – they were sharing it not only on corporate chats, but also via private social media. This success prompted the bank’s leadership to continue the good tradition of publishing the culture book, and so 2019 saw the second edition. This time, it looks a little bit like a work in progress – the whole publication fits the agile philosophy, so it looks like it’s constantly changing and alive – hand notes, scattered photos, sticky tape inserts – all this makes the reader feel that everything around is a change. 

Watch to feel the bank’s spirit:

The publication was awarded in the Power of Content Marketing competition organized by the Content Marketing Polska Association, where it was a gold winner. The Jury paid attention to its interesting, unique form, collecting materials from various sources, a comprehensive and employee focused summary of organizational culture, and creation of a project which shows employees engagement in creating corporate culture. ”Simply ING” won the first award of the Corporate Newsletter Competition 2019 in the “Publication about Company” category. 

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