Leashed by high-tech

How many times have you heard someone say they feel like they’re missing their arm if they don’t have their phone near by? Maybe […]

Paulina Grzęda

★ 4 minutes czytania

Magazine for tablet and smartphone

Contemporary technologies enable you to collect your favorite magazines in one mobile device. You get around-the-clock access to numerous publications of completely new quality, […]

Adam Grzegorczyk

★ 4 minutes czytania

Smartphone killing the tablet?

When you go online, you do so via a smartphone, right? Such an assumption was made by Brandt Dainow on imediaconnection.com […]

Katarzyna Petruk

★ 7 minutes czytania

Get mobile, marketer!

Want to reach to your customer's pocket? Believe me, the customer is inviting You to do so. Contemporary customers want to have access to […]

Anna Chorowiec

★ 3 minutes czytania

When designing a newsletter…

… try to neutralize the negative impact of its enemy – limitations of email programs. If you follow a set of basic rules right […]

Adam Grzegorczyk

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Research is only a tool

Everyone wants to be efficient. What does it mean, and how do we measure efficiency – says Clemens Koob, Managing Director for Zehnvier, Swiss […]

Urszula Radzińska

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Only five steps

That's all it takes for content marketing to be effective. Here's a handful of golden rules.

Urszula Radzińska

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