Proofreading in half an hour

This episode reveals what’s hiding between simple 'punctuation check'.

Anna Zacharuk

Anna Zacharuk

A stoic who keeps her calm even in most stressful situations. Starts off the day at work sour-faced… drinking water with juice from one whole lemon. Then she's all sugar and spice – layouts, articles, posters, campaigns, even invoices! All full of nostalgy and poetry, because she's a real expert on rhyming, puns, ditties and songs.

★ 1 minute czytania

– Good morning, Kasia!

– Good morning, Jola!

– I have approval from all the authors, can you proofread the texts and send me a pdf with all the 20 pages?

– Sure I can, Jola.

– But please, try to make it before 3 p.m. because then I leave the office.

Kasia’s brain wave: there is 2.15 p.m. now, printing the whole magazine will last15 minutes, proofreading – not including time of waiting for the proofreader to come, she happens to be on the spot – 2 hours, making the corrections – 20-45 min., checking if all the corrections have been made – 15 min., preparing a new pdf – 10 min., checking before sending – 5 min. The fastest option is 3 h.

– What time will you be back, Jola? Maybe it’s better if the corrected pdf waits for you, instead of the other way round? suggests Kasia, who is a person of words rather than mathematics, but she has already calculated that the proofreading will take more than the time left till Jola’s leaving…

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