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How much will it be? Can we replace the cover image just before print? Can you proofread it in 30 minutes? – In our stories you will find out how Kasia from a publishing agency can deal with such challenges to help customers.   

Anna Zacharuk

Anna Zacharuk

A stoic who keeps her calm even in most stressful situations. Starts off the day at work sour-faced… drinking water with juice from one whole lemon. Then she's all sugar and spice – layouts, articles, posters, campaigns, even invoices! All full of nostalgy and poetry, because she's a real expert on rhyming, puns, ditties and songs.

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Kasia is an imaginary editor and customer assistant, who faces very real tasks in her work with magazine production and internal communication. Very often, imaginary Jola contacts her – an exuberant person, with great ideas, who likes to have everything quickly, cheap and for now. She can add a page of text to an article asking the editors not to change anything on the page, another time she orders 500 labelled water bottles on Monday for Thursday. She often wants to know the cost of the service. Obvious thing, right? The problem is, she doesn’t always know what it’s going to be specifically, how many pieces and for when.

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