You have my approval! So when is the delivery man coming?

This issue reveals how much time is needed between the customer’s final word about a magazine and the moment readers get it to their hands.

Anna Zacharuk

Anna Zacharuk

A stoic who keeps her calm even in most stressful situations. Starts off the day at work sour-faced… drinking water with juice from one whole lemon. Then she's all sugar and spice – layouts, articles, posters, campaigns, even invoices! All full of nostalgy and poetry, because she's a real expert on rhyming, puns, ditties and songs.

★ 1 minute czytania

– Good morning, Kasia!

– Good morning, Jola!

– I have great news. We have an approval to print.

– Great. Thank you.

– So when is the delivery man coming to us with the magazine? Can you make it the day after tomorrow?

Kasia’s brain wave: retouching of images on 20 pages – 2-6 hours, final proofreading – 2-6 h, aligning 3-5 h, color prints and checking 1-3 h, imposition and approval 1-3 h, printing 3,000 copies – 2 to 7 days, drying – 4 to 24 h, delivery 24 to 48 h. The fastest possible option is 5 days – Kasia thinks.

– Hallo, are you still there, Kasia?

– Yes, of course, says Kasia, but we still need to prepare the magazine for print, then print and deliver it, so the day after tomorrow is not doable…

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