500 water bottles for Thursday!

Find out why, despite best efforts, we are not able to do it right away.

Anna Zacharuk

Anna Zacharuk

A stoic who keeps her calm even in most stressful situations. Starts off the day at work sour-faced… drinking water with juice from one whole lemon. Then she's all sugar and spice – layouts, articles, posters, campaigns, even invoices! All full of nostalgy and poetry, because she's a real expert on rhyming, puns, ditties and songs.

★ 2 minutes czytania

– Good morning, Kasia!

– Good morning, Jola!

– I have such a nice job for you. I would like to order 500 water bottles with our logo and some amusing graphic and an eco slogan for Thursday.

– What a wonderful idea, Jola, water bottles, your logo, a graphic and a slogan – such a nice gadget. Which Thursday do you mean exactly, because it is Monday today…

– This Thursday, of course! We have a conference about our company’s ecological actions and we want to offer a gift to all the participants. If we order it today it should be ready by Thursday, am I right?

Kasia’s brain wave: researching water bottles and printing houses capable of imprinting something on them will take 2-6 hour, estimating price – 0.5 h, approval of price by customer – 15 minutes to 7 days, designing – 3-5 h, approval of design by customer – 15 minutes to 7 days, corrections – the same time, preparing and sending for print – 1h, down payment – 1-24h, production – 5 to 10 days, packing – 1 day, delivery – 1-2 days… The shortest option is 6 days, which is 4 days after the conference, Kasia thinks. Here comes the first minor heart attack for Kasia, because she needs to tell Jola that her wonderful idea is impossible.

– Hello, are you still there, Kasia?

– Yes, of course, says Kasia with a heart palpitation. But have you thought about other gifts? A sticker for a water bottle or a pen with your logo?

– No, why? A water bottle is much better. Just tell me how much it will cost? – and that’s when Kasia is getting another minor heart attack.

– I need to check all this and make an evaluation, I will get back to you in… let’s say an hour, ok?

– All right, Kasia, I’m looking forward to it.

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