Robert – beautiful modest person

Everyday – when we work on the projects but also when we just look at his photo, thinking about our trips and meetings with […]

Iwona Derda

★ 8 minutes czytania

Pre-Christmas survival guide

Christmas is coming, and you don’t even know where to start? Heaps of projects to be closed at work, and the list of pre-Xmas […]

Paulina Grzęda

★ 5 minutes czytania

May you live in interesting times – of digitalization

There are bars at airports where you place an order via tablet. This is possibly the worst experience you can get in an unknown […]

Tomasz Abelec

★ 6 minutes czytania

Human dimension of employer engagement

You expect employees to be engaged? The first step is to meet their expectations. In order to take this step, you need to know […]

Ewelina Jamka

★ 7 minutes czytania

How to avoid producing garbage content – advises Shane Snow

Don’t be a dump manager – Shane Snow cautioned at the Warsaw Filmteractive Festival, author of bestseller “Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons […]

Urszula Radzińska

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Stories in business, according to Pixar

Matthew Luhn lives across the ocean, but this year he came to Poland and delivered a closing speech at the Warsaw Filmteractive Festial.

Urszula Radzińska

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Remotely or on site?

How about working remotely? This would be hard for a surgeon or a camera operator, but if you’re in a different profession, you may […]

Marta Tomasiuk

★ 3 minutes czytania

E-mail marketing still effective

With constantly improved social media and ever so modern communicators, is there still a place for a communication tool which has been around for […]

Paulina Grzęda

★ 6 minutes czytania

In between the worlds

Virtual reality offers new and quite real possibilities also for marketing – e.g. for creating offer presentations. But we’re still at the stage of […]

Ewelina Jamka

★ 7 minutes czytania

Through emotions to success?

If employer branding was a stick figure, it would embrace with its little hands many areas in an organization, and even beyond it: HR, […]

Ewelina Jamka

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