Let’s quickly replace the cover photo

True, the CEO is going to look better, but the whole page will go back to graphic designers for retouching before it can […]

Anna Zacharuk

★ 2 minutes czytania

Proofreading in half an hour

This episode reveals what’s hiding between simple 'punctuation check'.

Anna Zacharuk

★ 1 minute czytania

500 water bottles for Thursday!

Find out why, despite best efforts, we are not able to do it right away.

Anna Zacharuk

★ 2 minutes czytania

You have my approval! So when is the delivery man coming?

This issue reveals how much time is needed between the customer’s final word about a magazine and the moment readers get it to their […]

Anna Zacharuk

★ 1 minute czytania

How much will it cost?

Why may it take a while to send to a customer an unspecified number of unspecified gadgets for employees? – Answers to this and […]

Anna Zacharuk

★ 2 minutes czytania

Meditation like fitness

If the term “meditation” brings to you the image of a serious man in white robe, sitting on a mat in the lotus […]

Marta Tomasiuk

★ 5 minutes czytania

Unusual Christmas Card

One of our long-term bank customers sends exceptional Christmas “cards” to its employees. These are several-minute long videos, made with panache […]

Marcin Rutkowski

★ 7 minutes czytania

New Empire or Technological Totalitarianism?

I couldn’t wait to see China for the first time. I so wanted to meet the economic tiger that might pin down the US, […]

Urszula Radzińska

★ 10 minutes czytania

Power of Content Marketing Awards 2018 distributed!

7 awards went to AUDE customers. Congratulations to everyone – not only to the customers, but also to ourselves :)

Magdalena Kozińska

★ 3 minutes czytania

Kids and graphic designing

One of our external illustrator’s child, when asked in kindergarten about what his daddy does, said: “Nothing! He just draws all day long.” Let’s […]

Ewelina Jamka

★ 7 minutes czytania